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  1. Member inscriptions open 28 September at 9 a.m
  2. Non-member inscriptions open 5 October at 9 a.m
  3. Activities begin - 10 October


In line with the policy recommendations from the General Assembly and the FAPEEEL statutes, priority access to the activities will be given to registered, paid-up members of the Parents’ Associations (APEEEL1 or APEEEL2).

  • For courses which are full, we will operate a waiting list system.
  • Parents can enrol their children to participate in an activity even if the child does not attend that school, so children from Lux I can attend Lux II activities and vice-versa.

Private lessons

Enrolment to private tuition lessons has to be done in two steps. First, please make contact with monitor to agree on day/time. Then, please contact coursprivesfapeeel@outlook.com to finalise the enrolment.