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SUMMER CAMPS enrollments will be open the 27th April!


Monday 26th June 2017 to Friday 7st July 2017 - MULTISPORT or DANCE SECONDARY CAMPS

Monday 10th July 2017 to Friday 14th July 2017– MULTISPORT or ART PRIMARY CAMPS


Secondary Camps will take place at the European School Lux II and Primary camps at Lux I. You can also book a seat in an organised shuttle bus from Kirchberg to Mamer or Mamer to Kirchberg.


Registration deadline: 28th Mai 2017


Please read thoroughly the description of each activity before enrolling

Les inscriptions aux Camps d’été s’ouvrent le 27 avril!

Du lundi 26 juin au vendredi 7 juillet 2017 - SECONDAIRE MULTISPORT et DANSE CAMPS

Du lundi 10 au vendredi 14 juillet 2017 – PRIMAIRE MULTISPORT et ART CAMPS


Les camps d’été secondaire se dérouleront à l’Ecole Européenne LUX II, primaires à Lux I.  Vous avez également la possibilité de réserver une place dans la navette mise en place entre Kirchberg et Mamer, Mamer et Kirchberg.


Date d'inscription: jusqu’au 28 mai 2017



Nous vous invitons à lire avec attention le descriptif de chaque activité avant d’inscrire vos enfants.





  1. Member inscriptions open 28 September at 9 a.m
  2. Non-member inscriptions open 5 October at 9 a.m
  3. Activities begin - 10 October


In line with the policy recommendations from the General Assembly and the FAPEEEL statutes, priority access to the activities will be given to registered, paid-up members of the Parents’ Associations (APEEEL1 or APEEEL2).

  • For courses which are full, we will operate a waiting list system.
  • Parents can enrol their children to participate in an activity even if the child does not attend that school, so children from Lux I can attend Lux II activities and vice-versa.

Private lessons

Enrolment to private tuition lessons has to be done in two steps. First, please make contact with monitor to agree on day/time. Then, please contact coursprivesfapeeel@outlook.com to finalise the enrolment.